Thursday, September 06, 2007

Proof Reading


As the release date for Legends of the High Seas approaches, I have been doing proof reading of my manuscript into book format. I just recently received a update manuscript from Rob Broom over at Warhammer historical and the book is shaping up very well. I only received a black & white copy, but the pictures look awesome and the layout looks very clean.

Now proof reading may sound like fun, but it's not really. I have to go through every line in the book to find errors. Thankfully a few folks are also helping out with this (Dave Smith and Guy Bowers as well as Rob Broom). Obviously the goal is to have a top notch book when it comes out & there is a few things that will change. As Rob pointed out to me, English is not every ones first language and that means it will be translated into other languages (probably French, German and God knows what other language). I have to say it is work to do this, I thought it would be pretty easy, but I have to keep going back to my main manuscript to make sure it is all in there.

So it looks like I have some work to still do before the book sails onto shelves. I will be very happy once the book finally comes out, that way I concentrate on other games that I'm working on. A friend that does not game asked me if it was worth writing the book and I had to tell him I had mixed emotions about it. On one hand, it is very rewarding seeing something that I spent so long on finally come out. And what gamer doesn't dream about having his own set of rules out there? But on the other hand, writing did take away a lot of time with my family and friends. That's one thing that I never realized would happen, the time spent in front of the computer. I know my wife was a bit upset at times with me being on the computer writing rules. (Really I think she hated me play testing & rolling dice by myself at weird hours of the night). It also took time away from friends since I had to focus only on Pirates & for those folks that know me, I am the sort of person that loves to do something new every week. So staying focused was at times very hard.

So if Legends of the High Seas does well, there could be another chance to write a second book for the series, not saying that will happen, but anything is possible. Will I do it if the opportunity is given? Yeah I will in a heart beat. Will it drive my wife crazy? Yes I'm sure it will. Will I have the same feelings like this first one, yep I'm sure I will feel the same. Why will I do it? Because it has always been a dream of mine, and when dreams get to happen, you have to go with them!

So now back to proof reading!


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