Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Contest to build a Ship

I frequent the Lead Adventures Forum and an interesting subject came up. While discussing Pulp stuff, a thread was started about Tramp Steamers. Well Richard Johnson of Rattrap Productions and Pulp .45 fame thought it would be a neat idea to have a Tramp Steamer model building contest.
Here are the guidelines for the contest:
1.) Steamer must be at least 12" and can be no more than 24" (60cm) in length.
2.) Participants must chronicle the steps in its construction.
3.) Hull and cabin must be scratch-built, though detail pieces can be purchased.
4.) The members of Lead Adventures will vote on a winner and I'll come up with some prize for it (though I will also build one so I may get to give a prize to myself).
5.) Deadline September 15th
6.) Primed only
We will be documenting the event on the TLA and I will also document mine here on Cursed Treasures. So with that in mind I started looking for good Tramp steamers to model, i think I have narrowed it down to 3 ships I will try & model or just use as inspiration. Those ships would be,
SS. Venture from King Kong
The Bantu Wind from Indiana Jones

Or the Tramp Steamer from The Mummy, but having a hard time finding pictures of that. So I guess tonight I will be watching a few movies for better pictures of said ships.
I also plan on building the ship either out of Wood (3/8" MDF and thin Plywood) or I will build the ship out of PVC plastic and regular styrene, will have to see what I have more of. So now I'm off to build me a boat!

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