Friday, May 26, 2017

Time for War!


Last weekend I got to Demo CAV: Strike Operations to my buddy Tom, it was also a quick chance to see if I was able to break down the rules for Talon Games into a quick play demo style of rules. I was given the task from Jon Walker of Talon Games to create a 4 or 5 page set of the rules just going over all the basics.

Rach Starter Set

Terran Starter Set
With two fully painted starter sets, Tom and I set out to demo the game. All in all I nailed all the core mechanics of the game, although I did forget to add the section about damaging (which I have corrected).

As well as showing Tom the game, I had a few folks come by to see what we were doing, it seems that Big Stompy Robots are a draw! Tom enjoyed himself and actually won the game by having only his Starhawk alive at the end of the game.

All in all it was a great showing for CAV: Strike Operations. In a few weeks I will be doing more demos and may hit up a few other stores in the local area as well as possibly heading down to Tucson to show off the game.

So as I mentioned above, I am contributing to Talon Games on CAV:SO and will be doing some further writing for them in the very near future. I will also be going down to Reapercon/CAVcon in October to help run games as well as answer questions about the game and future projects.

I have also set up the CAV: Strike Operations HQ Facebook group and I am the Admin for the group. I am also running the first ever CAV: SO paint competition on the group with prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, this is all being hosted on the CAV:SO HQ group at the above link.

Besides that, I am also working on my  Malvernians and have a new battle group.

I am thinking of taking this group to Reapercon/CAVcon in October, I have a few more models to paint up.

Oh and I am about to start writing my first ever fiction book, which I plan to self publish on Amazon. I have the blessing of Talon Games to set the book in the CAV: SO universe. In fact this weekend I plan to do a story synopsis of the book, I am a little nervous about writing fiction and I will not lie, it scare the pants off of me. But what scares us makes us stronger right???

So lots of CAV: Strike Operations going on around here, but I will confess, all these new GW games is making it very hard to stay focused on CAV!


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Tom O said...

Enjoyed the game and looking forward to next time. Good luck on the writing!