Friday, January 01, 2016

New Year, New Horizons


We are now in 2016, so it is a good time to take a look back at what I wanted to get done in 2015 and what are my hopes for 2016. So lets take a look at my goals for 2015 and see how I did.

Saga - Well I built and painted up a new Anglo Saxon army and I have gotten in a good amount of games in and also ran a "non" event called Ragnarok. I also decided to build another army, Vikings, so that I would have two armies. I also ended up getting some of my old WAB Normans back to do a Norman war band. I also got as a birthday gift, a few Gripping Beasts plastic Arabs for a C recent and the Cross army. So I say that Saga was a success.

 AWI - Well, AWI did hit the paint bench, I painted up a few stands of my Old Glory 15mm figures but we never got in a game, we still have a few more stands to paint up. I also got about half of my force for Muskets and Tomahawks painted and Mike & I got in one game. I liked the game but we didn't get the game back onto the table.

Pulp Alley - This was a huge success this year, in fact I think I logged in about 20 games this year of Pulp Alley. I played it in Chicago, Tucson and here in Phoenix. I introduced the game to a ton of folks and I was able to get a lot of figures painted up for these games. Pulp Alley is starting to catch on here in Phoenix and it will be on the table this year.Mike and I are also looking at writing a supplement for Pulp Alley, but we shall see.

HEROIC - Well this game is sitting at the publisher waiting to move forward. The good thing is that the publisher likes the rules and what I have done. In fact I may be helping with a version of the rules for a Mordheim style of skirmish game, more on that later.

Flames of War - Well, I added a few models to my WW1 British that I got last year, but other than that, nothing really happened. Part of the problem was my own issues. I sort of had a mini melt down with the game and I started to get very argumentative with my regular opponent towards the end of 2014. So I took almost the whole year off of playing FoW. But in the last few weeks I decided to get the game back on the table to get ready for a Shifting Sands event in just a few weeks. So I think I Flames was a fail this year.

CAV - Well a few folks got into the kickstarter, I got 8 Bones models and got them painted up. Then nothing, no games, no talk, nothing. So this was a huge Fail.

That pretty much was it for my goals for 2015, didn't go out on a limb. Now I did start a bunch of new projects in 2015 and these are carrying over to 2016. First I got back into Model Railroading, I also got into Gate of Antares as well as a few other items. I will go into my goals in the next post.



Joe Derocher said...

Pulp Alley was fun to play, the diverse troop type made it exciting to look at. Great looking mummies

Robert Brightwell said...

Hopefully we can get in a few more games this year!

Mike Wilster said...

It was a great year can't and you already have one win in 2016.