Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Saga in the House


I am still alive, been busy with paint commissions work since I have been back from Adepticon. One thing that has inspired me is to doa little "Non" event for Saga. So here are the details of our little event.

Gathering in the Desert Presents Ragnarok, a Saga Tournament

Where: Imperial Outpost Games
When: May 23rd, 2015
Start Time: 10:00am until 5:30pm
Three Games
Swiss System for matchups.
6 Point Armies
Entry Fee: Free!
Awards for Most Glorious Victories (Best Overall), Best looking Beards (Best Painted), I'll Follow you into Battle (Best sportsmen) and Loki's Favored (lowest score overall).

GitD presents Ragnarok a one day, three round Saga tournament. Bring out your 6 point Saga army and test your skill with other local Saga players. This is the first Saga tournament for Phoenix AZ and it is our chance to grow the community. So if you feel you have what it takes, bring your Warlord and his retinue and claim Odins favor! So if your in the Phoenix area and you play Saga come on out. Also if you don't play but are interested come on down  and see what the game is all about!

Now going along with the Saga theme, I finally got around to posting pictures of the Saga game I played with Drunken Samurai before I left for Adepticon. Drunken brought out his Normans and I busted out my Vikings. The funny thing is that both of these "Saga" forces are from our old WAB armies. Drunken thinks that it's been about ten years since his Normans were on the table! These two forces clashed many times against each other in WAB.

We played two games that day and if memory is correct we split the games with one win and one loss each. It was an awesome day of pushing models around and it was good to see both these forces back on the table. Saga is a great little game and I am already building a Anglo Saxon army out of all plastic Gripping Beast plastics. So your going to see more Saga action on the old blog. In fact this Saturday I'm getting together with Mike from DaGreenskins blog to build some awesome 4Ground dark age buildings. It seems that we are all back to dark age gaming. Now here are the pictures from the game. Oh and this is my first post using my I Pad and for some reason I can't scroll down past the images.


Barks said...

Lovely looking stuff there.

Dagreenskins said...

Can't wait it is going to be a fun day of playing Saga