Tuesday, September 02, 2014

A Town on the Rise


As I mentioned a few posts ago, I fell in love with the 4Ground Old West buildings at Adepticon I knew I had to have a set. So after I sold my remaining Arnica Buildings at last months Gamers Garage Sale I purchased the first four Old West buildings from Architects of War online store.

And before I get to far, I want to say that the folks at Architects of War store are awesome! They are fast at replying to e-mails and quick on shipping. In fact I ordered these buildings on a Saturday night and I had them at my house the following Wednesday. I highly recommend ordering from them and I will be placing more orders with them in the near future.

So back to the 4Ground buildings, I decided that I would order 3 of the basic buildings and the Sheriffs office as well as the Hitching posts set.

First set of buildings

Building #1

Building #2

Building #3

Sheriff Building

Hitching Post set
So, each building took about 2 hours to construct, the first kit took a bit longer since it was the first 28mm building of theirs I put together. I used regular white Elmers white glue to assemble them with knowing that the glue would dry clear. I decided to base the buildings and texture them since it makes the kits a bit more rugged for storage. You will notice that the buildings do not have any signs on them, I have not decided to hand paint them or use the ones on the Great Escape  Games website (these buildings are for the Dead Mans Hand game). We will see but I am leaning towards painting my own signage.

I do have to say that these are the best old west buildings out there. They are nicely pre-painted kits and they have pre-painted interiors as well. Two hours of construction and you get an awesome looking building that requires very little paint. So here are a few pictures of the finished kits.

Artizan and Foundry Figures for scale.

Interior of the first building.

Building #2

Building #3

Here is the Sheriffs Building that I really wanted while at Adepticon. I still need to base this building.

Sheriffs Office

Front Porch with Notice Board

Jail Cells

Hmm how did we get in here?

Back side of building
Well there you go, the first four building built and ready for some old west action.



Mike G. said...

Those buildings look awesome.

styx said...

Damm you, my will is slipping again for old West.....already trying to get gaming mats and scenery for Bolt Action, buy some modern buildings for supers and strange aeons and then some smaller gauge for you do this to me! They do look great!

AOW also is a great company, my buddy has ordered from them a few times and is VERY pleased with their speed of service and how they take care of their customers.

Da Green Skins said...

They look great Tim. I am very impressed with the fact they are prepainted. We need to load our six shooters and get a game in.

Terry Silverthorn said...

Very nice Tim, that Sherriff's building is excellent! I also have good things to say about Architects of War, they are indeed quick & I intend to order many more things from them.

Robert Brightwell said...

Great stuff!

Tim Kulinski said...

Thanks guys, I really do love these kits.

Hey Styx, don't fight it man, just embrace your Wild West side man!!

Anonymous said...

So after my first 4Ground building experience (which was long and complicated), I've come to really like their products too. I have several WW2 buildings now. Your old west ones look great.