Sunday, April 20, 2014

From Down Under Comes a Package


About a month ago wile I was surfing the blogs I follow, I came across a fellow blogger, Scott of Scott's Wargaming was looking for some LotR models. So I stepped up and sent him a care package from AZ. He was shocked at how much stuff I sent and some of the items I knew he would not be able to get (like a GitD Shirt!). Scott wanted to know how much he owed me, well I told him how about a trade instead of money. The catch was he had to surprise me with what he would send. I have been slowly collecting figures from friends so I told him to send me a painted figure. I left it up to him on what to send me and today, I got a package from New Zealand.

An Easter Package!

So above is the box and below is what greeted me from New Zealand, it is always interesting to look at newspaper from other parts of the world, yes I looked at the newsprint! Here is what the items looked like in the box.

Hmm, did he send food?

Inside the box on the right, were 6 stands worth of British 8th army figures as well as two 28mm figs.

8th Army and a few Reaper minis!

The figs were from Battlefront and these two below are from Reaper minis, on the left is a flesh golum and on the right is a plague zombie painted up by Scott.

Hmm Reaper Miniature
Next up is some British anti-tank guns from Battlefront that Scott started to paint, just need to finish up the guns on the trucks.

Ohh some anti tank guns!

Next up is a little air support, Scott sent one Typhoon for the 8tharmy.

And here is the big score from Scott, 8 old boxes of British 8th as well as two armored cars. The good thing is that these figures are all current and will get used! It is also nice to see the old Battlefront packaging as opposed to the current blisters.

A ton of British!
Lastly Scott include a nice little note giving me a detailed list of all the items.

A Note from Scott
So, there you go, a good deed returned. Scott is a awesome guy and I hope to one day be able to meet him in person and shake his hand, have a beer with and throw down some dice. Scott, if you ever make it to Phoenix, you have a place to say and a place to play some games, thanks man!



A J said...

What a wonderful and generous gesture from both of you! It's one of the pleasures of the 'net - it gives us wargamers the chance to befriend other like-minded souls the world over.

Scottswargaming said...

Great to know they arrived safe and sound! Thanks again for a great trade :-)
Sure hope to meet up some time... '2015' is possibly 'pencilled' in for a family holiday to Disneyland... if we can swing over to see the Grand Canyon too, hopefully we could manage a meet up!

Tim Kulinski said...

Scott, if your headed to Disneyland, let me know, we can meet up there! Plus I can give you a guided tour of the place since I worked there for well over ten years. Plus there is a great hobby shop (Brookhurst Hobbies) just down the street, you would love the place!

Scottswargaming said...

Excellent, sounds like a plan :-)