Friday, December 27, 2013

Shifting Sands 2014 Force!


It seems that I will get in another army before the year is out and it is my SS14 Stug Batterie company. Shifting Sands is a local themed that the Desert Rats run here in Phoenix. For the past few years I have wanted to go and participate, but real life always got in the way or I just did not have a force for each years theme. But once I heard that it would be "Panthers, Tigers and Elephants, oh my! SS 14 Kursk" how could I not want to go! So if you remember over this summer I purchased all the models for the event while on vacation and I have been slowly working on getting everything together and painted. Well I did it before the end of the year, so here is my force.

First up is the main component for the Stug Batterie, Stug F/8Gs. Since Sands uses themed list, this Stug list was put together be the Desert Rats, So there is a single HQ Stug F/8G with Side Skirts for 180 points, then there are two platoons of two Stug F/8G with side skirts for 350 each.

The main Gun Batterie

Next up is a single platoon of two Stug F/8G at 340pts. I will use these guys as support or for reserves.

Hey why don't we get skirts???

Next up are two Sd Kfz 7/1 Quad 2cm guns that have been upgraded to armoured half tracks for 120pts. I know there will be planes and these guys will work as air support or close range infantry support.

Give me something to shot at!
 Last up are some Grenadier squads to hold an objective, I have three squads all mounted in trucks for 160pts. A bid thanks goes to Drunkensamurai for donating the trucks to the cause!

We have camo so they will not see us!

Hey Sergeant, why are we going with the tanks again?

So here is the whole 1500 point force in all of its glory ready for battle. I have yet to get in any games with the force and I understand it will be tough since I have a limited fire arc, but I feel pretty confident of the force since it has a mix of infantry and tanks.

SS14 Stug Batterie
So there you go, one of the last few posts for the year, next up will be my Christmas haul and what I got done for 2013 and what lays ahead for 2014.



Jerry said...

Nice job Tim. The camo looks great. Good luck on your tournament.

Jon Halter said...

Tim, your Company is looking great!

Tim Kulinski said...

Thanks guys, I just hope they do well on the table! Really looking forward to the event.

Robert Brightwell said...

Nice work! Time to see how these things hold up in battle. I think it will be a tough little force.

Da Green Skins said...

Those look great Tim. Look forward to reading your Christmas post.