Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A Very Pulpy Birthday!


On October 26th, my 45th birthday rolled around this year, hard to believe that I am 45 and still playing with toy soldiers! (Well not really) So a week before my birthday, my awesome wife asked me what I wanted as a gift. Well that was a no brainier, more toy soldiers of course, but which ones, hmm this was going to be tough.

I have a few projects (28mm ACW, 28mm WW2, 15mm, WW2, EotD, and of course Pulp). So after looking through my projects, I noticed that I only have a few Pulp figures left to paint. So the decision was simple, it had to be more Pulp figures. So with that, I was off the amazing Pulp Figures website! I have been a fan of Bob Murch's figures for a few years now and I have a large selection of his stuff already. So I took an inventory of what I had vs what I wanted and 6 packs were ordered!

First up was pack PHP 14 Rugged Archaeologists, these figures will be adventuring in the desert very soon. I really like the figure on the far left as well as the women with the lantern.

PHP 14  Rugged Archaeologists
 Next up is pack PHP 19 Dangerous Dames, these ladies will fit in very well with the rest of the figures. I really love the She Wolf figure 2nd to the left as well as the girl in the middle, heck I love them all!

PHP 19 Dangerous Dames
 Next up is pack PHP 18 Rugged Sons of the Empire, these boys have a ton of character. I like the Stiff Upper Lip old chap on the far left as well as the Scottsmen with the shotgun.

PHP 18 Rugged Sons of the Empire
 Next is pack PWM 12 Mad Science, this set will be perfect for the crazy scientists for just about any game. The women 2nd to the right is holding a man eating plant, how cool is that?

PWM 12 Mad Science
 Next up is pack PHP 20 Rugged Hero's, this is a re-sculpted pack that Bob recently did. I really like the new Indiana Jones look a like figure. The whip is separate ad allows you to shape it the way you want. I dont get the dog though, but I am sure I will find a use for him.

PHP 20 New Rugged Hero's
 The last pack is PWM 31 Arrogant Gestop, and the one reason for this pack is the fellow in the middle, now you will notice something strange with him. Yes, I snipped his head off and replaced it with something a little more fitting. Yes that's right, I changed him into the Red Skull!

PWM 31 Arrogant Gestapo
 I have been wanting to do some Pulp Super Hero gaming and when I found out that my buddy Robert had a "Not Captain America & Not Bucky" figures, I had to do a Red Skull. So obviously I started with a Pulp Figure, just snipped his head off and replaced it with a GW skeleton head. Once I snipped the head off, I drill a hole into the body to pin the new head on. I then added a small amount of green stuff to fill the neck out, took about 5 minutes worth of work and viola, Red Skull was born.

Profile view

The Business view

Back view
 About the same time my wife asked what I wanted, my buddy Robert gifted me a present that I was not expecting. A few years back another one of our friends (Tom O) purchased a bunch of Gangland buildings from Old Glory. Well Tom never got around to doing anything and some how Robert got them. Well when I was over at his place, he told me to throw both of the boxes with all the buildings into my truck. His reasoning, it was going to be my B-day and he knew I was eyeing these guys.So here are the buildings.

They need some work like drilling out the windows and filling a few holes, but it will look great once completed. Now the last building is a beast, it is a factory type of building and this thing is massive! You can see just how big it is in the final pics with the figures standing next to them.
Dock side view
Front view
Loading Door side
Wow this thing is big!
No, it is HUGE!

 So there you go, my 45th Bday haul, all pulp, so stay tuned for more...



Scott said...

Happy birthday mate!
A great selection of figures there, and wonderful buildings, I might have to check some of those out for EotD. You have a very understanding wife, buying more to add to the lead mountain! ;-)

Danisnotatree said...

Those old glory buildings are very cool but they have prohibitive postage costs to NZ where Scott and I live. They are going to make a very cool table for you.

Jerry said...

Nice collection of pulp figures and buildings. You are th e king of pulp these days. Happy birthday!

styx said...

Happy Birthday! I am not far behind you in age!

Great haul there! Those buildings are sweet!

Terry Silverthorn said...

WOW what a present those buildings were! Looking forward to seeing them painted up.

Seems your interests closely follow my own except for the ACW, though I did play a lot of Johnny Reb while serving in Germany

A J said...

Happy Birthday! A great collection there.

Hank Edley said...

Got those same buildings Tim .. and I'm not even 45 yet. : )