Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bring on the Night!


As I mentioned last post, I had just got back from a vacation trip to CA with the wife and the Brightwell's. One thing we all did together was head up to Universal Studios Hollywood which we put in a 12 hour day and watch some folks get motion sick (I shall not mention the name of the effected party member so as not to embarrass him). Anyways one of the attractions that we did (except for my wife the scared cat) was the Universal House of Horrors walk thru attraction.

So as the name implies, this is your basic haunted house sort of walk thru, but the cool thing is that Universal has populated it with some of there classic horror creatures like Dracula, the Mummy, Frankenstein and the Wolf man as well as a few others. (Like Chucky who scared Robs wife so bad the cast member who was playing Chucky,  fell back laughing and Rob and I were busting up as well!).

Well Universal did an outstanding job on the sets inside and I was impressed and inspired at the same time. This got me to thinking of my Empire of the Dead collection back home and I needed to throw some paint on a few models.

So this week while working on a commission for Saguaro Painting Service customer, I painted up a few models for myself. So here are my efforts from this week. First up are a few of my Lycaon group that I am building.

The wolf pack!
 Now, you may notice that these are not the official EotD figures, but they are from the West Wind Gothic Horror line. Before EotD was announced, I purchased these figures just because they looked cool and I was going to use them for some Pulp games (which will still happen!).

So first up are two of the Great Wolves that are in the Gothic Horror line. I went for a grey scheme and you can not see it, but they both have a black strip running down their backs. These guys are pretty huge, they are close to the old GW wolves that were out a few years ago.

Fluffy and Fido!
Now for my Beastlord, I used the West wind Loup Garou figure which is massive! I had to bend his legs to get him to fit onto the base. I really like how he looks and he feels right for the Beastlord, which is the leader for the Lycaon  faction. 

I'm big and mean!
 I also painted up this pack of West wind Wolf men, which once again is from the Gothic Horror line. I use the guy with his head back howling as my Pack master. These figures were fun to paint up and look nice on the table.

Howling at the moon baby!
The last model I decided to paint up is my Graf for the Nosferatu faction. This figure comes out of the Nosferatu #2 pack from West wind. I like the classic look of the Nosferatu vampires, heck, the Nosferatu movie from 1922 still creeps me out, maybe because its black and white, not sure. So when I saw this figure in the EotD book, I had to have him for my Graf.

Count Von Something!
So there you go, some inspiration from a vacation trip with friends. There will be more EotD models coming soon as well as some terrain that I have been working on. I may be taking this game to Adepticon in 2014 as a multi-player game, I will know more about that next week.



Robert Brightwell said...

Nice stuff!

Scott said...

Very cool. Love the Graf!

Da Green Skins said...

Nice looking puppies.

Tim Kulinski said...

Thanks guys, I have a few more that I am working on, so stay tuned.

Jerry said...

Great looking stuff. I've got to get myself in gear with this and put together that vampire force I've been thinking about.