Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Hobbit - An Unexpected Price Hike!!!


Like many on the Internet I have been waiting for the Hobbit game from GW. I have seen and heard the rumors and have been holding my breath as to how much GW was going to charge. Well the wait is over and OMG, I just about fell out of my chair!

Come on GW, what the hell are you thinking???? I saw the Ultimate bundle deal on their site was a staggering $745.00!!!! What the hell???? Really, you think this will get folks to play a game you have run into the ground? So after seeing that and crossing that off my list, I took a look at the rulebook, thinking if anything, I would buy that. But what is that price? $85.00 Frickin dollars!


I'm sorry, but GW has jumped the shark on this and they are never going to get the sales like they did during the Lord of the Rings movie years. With the economy still in the tank here in the states, I just do not see this stuff being your financial win fall like before.

So where does this leave me, well I will tell you, I am heading back into Historical gaming! Warlord Games has a bunch of games that I am interested in (Bolt Action, Black Powder) and I can see my hobby money going to Warlord and even Mantic (Dreadball). Hell for the price of the Hobbit Rulebook, I can buy a ton of Perry Miniature Plastics or Victrix Models or even Warlord miniatures.

So, I am sorry GW, but I will not be getting my hobby money anymore. This was the last straw, you have finally sent me packing, I am sure Warlord Miniatures will appreciate my money more than you!!!



AHunt said...

Ditto dude. I'll not be picking up any of this at these prices.

Happily I've spent the whole last year exploring other options, so I'm way ahead of them.

The only thing that remains to be seen is how the local gaming group goes. If they make the switch then I'll be out of luck.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Hah awesome Tim, I don't think if I didn't have $150 GW voucher I've been saving and about $300 in unopened Finecrap I am going to return as some point, I'd be buying in either but as this point its already spent..and the scene around here is as strong as its been in years. remember its the people more than the game as to why we keep playing. once my credit runs out. I'll be hard pressed anymore, especially since there is no more metal...

The last couple rounds of price increases have just been absurd and unjustifed,...if you do as you've mentioned compare prices to other systems, its clear they're strictly relying on brand loyalty all the way to breaking point-how far does it go??

Warlord is taking more and more of their business everyday...some guys I know are getting into Bolt Action and were 2 rounds in our current Hail Caesar campaign...

Be well my man!...

Gonewild said...

You should check out the Kingdom Death Kickstarter. Now thats a kit Id pay 155 bucks for!

davetaylor said...

Best. Post. Title. Ever.

Jerry said...

I had to re-read that number a few times. That's an utterly absurd price. But it also finally confirms for me that I am really no longer considered GW's target demographic.

I don't know how many Thurston Howell the Thirds play GW games. Apparently, GW feels quite a few of the one-percenters are into miniature war games.

Brummie said...

I have to agree prices are absurd. I quite liked the LOTR range sadly its gone to finecast which I just don't like and the prices are ridiculous.

Carl Woodrow said...

Ok, I sort of understand that this is tagged under rant and I know the continuous GW price hikes over the past few years have been steep. But to cite the 'Ultimate Edition' price as if it is the only price is a bit disingenuous I have to say.

I can see it hasn't translated well into dollars, but in the UK the 'Limited Edition' set is £75 and that is the set you show in your post. Yes the 'Ultimate Edition Bundle' containing everything, plus the separate hardback rulebook, plus the Ltd Edition figure case, plus all the other boxed sets and Failcast sets, and paint set come to a ridiculous £447. But that isn't what 'The Hobbit' costs is it? It costs £75 (GBP) or $125.

Yes, that's a big increase on previous launch sets and I do think LotR plastics have become significantly less value for money since they halved the unit numbers in the sets.

Tim, Normally I really enjoying following your LotR hobby exploits as there are so few these days still passionately supporting what I feel is GW's only decent gaming system nowadays. But the whole triple exclamation mark focus on what is essentially a bundle for people with more cash than sense isn't really considering the norm.

If you feel $125 for the Limited Edition set and it's contents is outrageous, then fair enough. I don't happen to agree personally as it contains 36 Goblins, the stunning Thorin's Company, Terrain, Rulebook, Evil Characters and Radagast. But then again, to be fair it is £75 in the UK.

Sorry I don't agree with you on this. Price hikes are not welcome, but I don't think using a bundle as the basis of your ire is right.

Still love your work though and I'd hate to see you soured on Middle Earth :-)

Best regards.

Da Green Skins said...

$85 for a rule book, same reason I don't play 40k or WFB. The new models look okay just not willing to pay $35 for 12 models. It is amazing how fast they brought the pricing in line with their other two games. There are just too many other games on the market that cost half GW prices. One more game that I will not be supporting.

Tom O said...

Agreed on the rant Tim. The only GW game I currently play and have any of their figures for is least they haven't thought about putting that range into Failcast.

Barks said...

75GBP in the UK, $AU205 here. That's 125GBP at current exchange rates. This really angers me, above and beyond the affrontery of the price. Our 'megabundle' is $AU1240!!! That's 770GBP, $US1250...


Scott said...

I'm wholeheartedly with you on price Tim, just look at the price we poor buggers in NZ are forced to pay; example $240NZ for the LtEd Starter set!
I have managed to source cheaper abroad thank God, but its still ridiculous!
I've had it out with the local GW store manager via facebook, but he can't say much other than tow the company line, though reading between the lines I feel he thins the price are crazy too, but he can't do anything about it...

Sadly for me I am one of the poor buggers they mentally have by the short and curlies, but I'll be damned if I am paying NZ prices...

Anthony said...

Wow, that is a really steep price!

Drunken Samurai said...

I am right there with you! $85 for the rules is nuts, $115 for the starter set is over the top, $85 for three plastic trolls is an insult, $35 for 12 plastic minis will NEVER happen. I have never really spent lots of money on GW stuff even though I have had armies for WHFB and 40K (and I still have lots of 40K) but the LOTR line was a huge exception. I bought lots and lots of that stuff new, including multiples of each of the starter sets. Never once did I feel cheated or taken advantage of.

Then came the price hikes from earlier in the year along with the new (crappy) army books. I knew then that this was a dead game.

For me it is back to using what I have for LOTR and 40k and picking up some used deals here and there. I REALLY hope the Hobbit game is very popular as used may be the only way I can ever add any of this stuff to my collection.

Mark Thomson said...

Yeh totally agree! It's getting a way too pricey. Here are all the Australian prices:

The Hobbit bundle $1240
Escape from Goblin Town $205
The Hobbit Rulebook $140
The Trolls $140
Goblin Warriors $55
Hunter Orcs $55
Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs $70
Goblin Town Scenery $95
The White Council (Finecast) $125
Bolg (Finecast) $40
Narzug (Finecast) $35
Fimbul the Hunter (Finecast) $70
Goblin Captain (Finecast) $30
The Hobbit Custom Figure Case $110
The Hobbit Paint Set $70

Friggin ridiculous! Will be interesting to see if it gets much traction with the gamers, or will they just stick to 40k/Fantasy. I very rarely see LOTR around the stores anymore.