Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bolt Action


Last Friday, I picked up my copy of Bolt Action from Warlord games from my local store. I have been waiting for this book for some time now and I am glad that it is now out. You see I have a pretty good collection of WW2 figures and over the years have played many of the WW2 rule sets that are out there. The problem was nothing ever seemed to be "just right" for me. So when I heard that Warlord was working on this, I had hopes for the game.

Well after looking through the book and getting to watch the game in progress last Friday night, I have to say this game is what I was looking for. It is a pretty simple system that gets results and I think that Warlord has another winner on their hands. So I am pretty excited about this game and the chance to bust out my 28mm collections again. (So look for pics coming soon of my collections).

There is another reason I am glad this game is out and it ties into GW's 40K. You see I have been wondering if I wanted to jump into 40K 6th edition. I have a huge Sister of Battle army and a growing collection of Orks that are waiting in the wings. I had toyed with dropping the cash for the new 40K rulebook, but the $75.00 price has kept me at bay since a Sisters codex is a long way off as well as an Ork codex. And this week GW announced the new Chaos codex at a staggering $50.00 for the book had got me rethinking 40K. I am not sure about dropping that much cash on a book that will only be good until the next edition comes out. So when Bolt Action came out at $35.00, I was all over that! So it looks like my Sisters and Orks will sit for a while longer and the WW2 collection (that has been sitting for years) will be coming out.

So anyway, look for more 28mm WW2 action here on the old blog in the very near future. In fact I can see FoW possibly cooling down for me since it has only been a fill in for my 28m obsession. So as I said above, I am really excited about Bolt Action!



Da Green Skins said...

I like the rules so far and can't wait to get some games in. I am really looking forward to the army books. I feel the army books will give the game more verity in troop selection and equipment.

Drunken Samurai said...

OK, stop the crazy talk about cooling off on FoW. We both have invested too much time and money over the last couple of years for that. I am, however, looking forward to getting some 28mm games on the table. I will pickup my rules this weekend.

Jerry said...

Great news, Tim! I'm glad you liked this game. The price point is a whole lot better than GW, too.

Scott said...

Must admit I am very curious about this on too, I am just a little scared it could mushroom into a huge project... 'skirmish' games have a habit of doing that - you think you'll only need a handful of figures to play and end up collecting everything available, with WWII - that's going to be a lot of gear!

Tim Kulinski said...


This game is not a skirmish game just to let you know. 1000pts is what they recommend and if you go with Warlords figures, it will be about 2 boxes of infantry (40 figs) plus support and command (another 10+ figs) and a vehicle or two. So it is a bit more than skirmish level.

Now not knowing how hard or how much they will charge you for being Down Under (or whatever they call your little Middle Earth Island ;-) ) It wwould cost about $187.00 for said army roughly. That is a hell of a lot less than GW current pricing! So if you want a bigger game than this would be for you.

Scott said...

Cool Tim, thanks for the clarification!

As you say a Hell of a lot less than the equivalent GW army!

As for Shipping it depends on 'deals' available, and/or whether the good folks at Maelstrom or Wayland might be stocking suitable products, and I can take advantage of their Free Shipping rates :-)

Tom O said...

To echo Drunken, don't put FOW on the shelf. Play both games/scales. There's nothing wrong with that!

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Yo Tim, so what's the verdict on Bolt Action? I got 28mm Red Devils looking to be painted and pal with guys ready to go...should we get the rule book? It sound like it my be bigger than I want to chew on..your talking 50-75 figs with -vehicles? I was hoping for half that.. I other news see my latest post I nominated you for one of these blogging awards..hope I see you this spring!