Monday, March 12, 2012

Been in a Funk!


The title speaks for itself, I have been in a gaming funk for the last few weeks. I think it started after Gathering in the Desert, or more to the point, during GitD. You see I have been doing GitD for the last 5 years and to be honest it is starting to feel more like work than a hobby. So what does that mean for GitD? Not sure, I have been kicking around some ideas and we will see how those pan out.

I then got the Flu that has been going around, it put me out of action for almost two weeks. The cough is still with me and my doctor said it may be another week or so. Having the flu and not working would have been a great time to paint or do something, but all I did was sleep. Heck, I had no idea what day it was, let alone what happened in the world.

The other reason I have been in a gaming funk has to do with my wife. Well as some know, my wife has taken up a new hobby, shooting guns! She has now acquired two pistols as well as all the other gear that goes along with them. Well since she bought two guns, I off course had to get mine (.357 S&W revolver!). This is not the reason for the funk, but when she purchased her second pistol, I made the comment about getting a Playstation 3. Well she bought me one a few weeks ago along with a very cool classic game, Fallout 3! So my regular painting time (not SPS commissions though) has taken a big hit thanks to the PS3.

So there you have it, some of the reasons for my funk, I have started working on a few projects as well as painting for Saguaro Painting Service. So stay tuned, I will be adding more posts in the future.



Jerry said...

Some times you just need a break. I think it's okay. Just don't force things and soon you'll be back at it. You'll just need something to grab your interest again.

Da Green Skins said...

You need to admit that you are in more of a funk because of what GW has done to Lord of the Rings. The one last game that GW had that people could afford to play and had fun playing now cost too much and is not as much fun to play. That is why you are in a funk, well that is why I am in a funk.

Scott said...

The 'flu will get you down every time... you've just go to build your self up slowly... and I think DaGreenSkins comment has some truth to it too... Dont despair, gaming and miniatures will come round again, you just have to find an outlet... watch a few old war movies or whatever and see which period tweaks your interest, and generates inspiration. I dont need to say it, but 'video games' in all their guises are a real time-sink... You are too good a painter & gamer to drift away for long!

el zorro said...

so... any chance you might find a break between PS3 kills to post some pictures from GitD? You've got some east coasters who've been dying to see some of the armies that showed up and pretend that someday they'll have the money to fly out to AZ to participate

Elbows said...

Hey Tim,

Hope you recover from the funk. Been in one myself for quite some time.

So my buddies and I were gearing up to start LOTHS when I found I've lost my book. I went to order another copy - and it's no longer on WH's site. Any info on that? With all of the LOTOW books I have, I'm sure we can fashion one if need be, but is this up for a re-print, or has it been permanently dropped from the line?

I emailed WH but no reply in three weeks, so I found your blog and figured I'd go straight to the source!