Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tanks in the Night!

So on Sunday Jerry came over to play some Flames of War (and also get me sick!, Thanks man!) but we wanted to do a tank battle. You see Jerry and I have both been feeling the same way towards FoW, just sort of uhh towards it. In the last few years I think I have only got in about a dozen games.

So a few days before Jerry came over we were talking about why we do not play FoW more. Basically we had our own reasons which were somewhat the same, so I asked what is that attracted us to FoW? Well that was easy, it was the tanks! So I told Jerry lets just do some tank battles and build a few Tank armies. In fact this Tank idea had me talking with Rob about possibly doing some sort of Krusk battle with all tanks, more on that later.

Well back to this past Sunday, Jerry came over and we busted out some tank on tank action. Jerry Had 3 Sherman's and about 7 M5 Stuarts. I realized that my collection of vehicles would be lacking, I only have a 4 tank Platoon of Panzer II's, a Panzer III platoon and a F2 & F1 Mark IV.

Also this little game let us use my new Desert board that Jerry & I painted up last week, got to tell you, the tanks looked great rolling around on the table. So below are a few pictures from the game and just for the record, I lost to Jerry, of course I did not have the right tanks (come on Panzer II's against Sherman tanks!). All in all it was a fun game and now Jerry & I are looking at adding more tanks to our collections.



Jerry said...

Definitely was a fun game. I think tank companies are the way to go for me with this game. There were definitely some tense moments in our game. I'll be picking up more US tanks to complete my company.

Sorry about the cold. I'd been over it for a week and didn't think I was still contagious!

Scott said...

Looks good fun and nice on the board. I too need to get a few more FoW games in...
BTW, should Jerry have been commanding the 'Jerries'? ;-)

Drunken Samurai said...

Armor is a great way to learn the game and the rules are really written with an armor bias, but do not discount the infantry aspect of the game. Infantry forces will make interesting and challenging opponents. Once I get my FJ done I will show you what I mean ;-)