Thursday, May 05, 2011



Thought I would let you folks in on a few updates here at Cursed Treasures, so here we go!

Last weekend Rob and I went driving around the Valley of the Sun looking to buy some models. Recently Rob has taken interest into the Napoleon era and has been thinking about jumping into doing Napoleonic Wars in 28mm. With companies like the Perry Miniatures and Victrix it is hard not to get into gaming this period. But I have to tell you, the Napoleonic Wars just do not do anything for me. In fact I was going to buy some Victrix models but Rob talked me out of it since I was only buying them to have something to use against Rob.

Well anyway, on the ride back, we talked about what period do I really like, well I have always had an interest in the Revolutionary War (or American War of Independence). So Rob suggested that instead of Napoleonic Wars, why not do what I have an interest in and do AWI. Wow, sometimes I can be so blind, I did not see it even though it was right there in front of me. Suddenly I knew what I had to do, it was time to start looking to do an AWI army or two!

So once I got home I did what most people would do, is head to the internet to see what sort of problem I could get into with this new venture. Well first up was rules, after talking to Rob that day, he finally sold me on the Warlord Games rules called Black Powder!

I have borrowed Robs copy of the rules, but could not read them due to all the cool pictures in it. In fact, I refer to the Black Powder rule book as either Lead Crack or Lead Porn! I may have wanted to read the rules, but the pictures in the book just kept calling to me! So a trip to old Amazon and I had the rules ordered. (Will be here in the next few days).

My next stop was Old Glory Miniatures to take a look at their range and it seems that OG has AWI figures in the Old Glory Second Edition line as well as their original line. Also saw that the Perrys have a nice range and they are going to be releasing plastics! So while I wish I could tell you that I bought some new minis, I didn't. I am waiting to see what the Perry's come out with. Plus I want to read the rules first. So stay tuned for more AWI goodness soon.

The other small bit of news is that as of May 16th, I will be working for Games Workshop! That's right, you heard right, I will be going to work for GW. It seems that GW is going to open a new store here in the Valley of the Sun this summer and they need folks to run the store. Well I wish I could tell you I am the guy, but alas I am not. GW offered me an interesting program called the On-Call program.

The Program is to help with coverage of the store and with events for GW. Basically if the manager has to take a day off or needs to go out of town, GW will give me a call. If it does not interfere with my regular job, than I will go in. The nice thing is that I will be paid and I am considered a GW employee. So that means that in the next few weeks GW will be flying me down to Memphis TN for training just like a regular manager. Now I wish I could go into more, but that's all I can really say for now, if you want the whole story you are just going to have to talk to me in person.

So there you go...



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your position with GW. I wish you all the best.

Scottswargaming said...

I am sure you will find the Black Powder rules give you a very fun game for the period. I must admit Horse and Musket wasnt really my thing either, and previous rule experiences with General de Brigade left me cold. But BP has transformed this and I am planning a couple of armies for the game.
The rules are also very well supported by an very active yahoo group.