Saturday, February 12, 2011

Moria Table Done!


Khazad - Dum, 'the Dwarrowdelf or Mines of Moria, this is the second new board for Gathering in the Desert 2011. Here is an overall shot of the new board.

It may seem that the board is pretty open and lite on terrain, but it is rather a tough board to play on. First up is the main road that runs down the middle of the board. It has no few than 12 pillars running down each side of the road, giving you 24 total pillars. Were this may seem like a no big deal, if you try to get line of sight for shooting it starts to become a mess. Also would like to thank Mike from Da Green Skins blog for helping me lay all the tiles on the road and gluing down the pillars.

I also include this hallway that has dwarven doors on both ends of it, which once again creates either a great place to hide or chock points to defend. Nice things is that I it is removable and I can use it for other projects.

On the other side of the board is Balins Tomb, which I followed the plans loosely from the Fellowship of the Rings Journey book. The pillars have enough room for a single 25mm based figure to hid behind (from a troll perhaps?) as well as having a ledge that runs around the inside of the tomb. The only thing that is different came from Drunkensamurai, that there is no back door to get out. In the journey book there is a collapsed exit that you can leave from. But in the movie I swore that the Fellowship leaves from the main door! Anyway, this will make an interesting feature on the board with only one way in. Do you hold up and defend or pass it by, hmm the decisions.

Also on the board are a few rock castings from a Woodland Scenic mold set that I have. Once again Mike from Da Green Skins stepped up to help me cast these bad boys. The are made with dental plaster castings and blue foam for the backing. Than they are mounted on Masonite and painted, so that means they have a pretty good weight to them.

I also made them to go in he corners and the edge of the table. This was done to give the feeling of being in an underground environment like in the movie.

So there you have it, another board for GitD 2011, if you are in town, stop by to see these in person...



Kuffeh said...

That looks awesome. A really well done table, great theme.

Da Green Skins said...

I am looking forward to this weekend and can't wait to play on this table. It looks just amazing.

Tom O said...

Nice table Tim. It looks even better in person, and I like it even more because I beat you on it!

Muskie said...

That's really nice. It's 4X4 square. How well does it transport at that size?

Also how long did it take to make?

Tim Kulinski said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Te table is actually two 2'x4' sections, you can see them started on the Isengard Takes shape entry

Total time to build was one afternnon to build the base. One afternoon to back fill with blue foam and texture and a few days for everything else (rock piles, scaffolding, etc).

Frank Brown said...

Tim you are correct - the movie shows them entering and leaving the same "front" door of the Chamber of Mazarbul - however in the book they actually fled from the back of the chamber with the Balrog in pursuit.

John@Plastic Legions said...


awesome as always..GitD is gonna
be the best looking event ever..take a lot of pictures please.

question I count 28 pillars or seven starter sets you have 7 starter sets?..cause if you do I want to bum a plastic fellowship off you...and want to see you bust out that 168 goblins...did you guys make some knock offs or RTV mold the piece?

I'm wishing phoenix wasnt 1800 miles away...

Anonymous said...

An awesome piece of kit man - you should be really proud of it.Love it.

Tim Kulinski said...


Your right man there is a total of 28 pillars, 24 on the road and 4 in Balins tomb. I only got the 12 sets of terrain, no Fellowship models or Goblins.

And speaking of Goblins, dude I have about 168 goblins already! Hell I didn't need any more!