Sunday, January 09, 2011

Small is Big This year


It's about the ninth of January now and I have been thinking about what 2011 will hold for me in the new year for gaming. Well after some thought I think I may have narrowed down what I will be working on. As some may know, I am still searching for regular work, so finances are tight and there is no room for any expenses on the gaming front.

So with that I have decided that this year will be the Year of the Skirmish game. You see my interest in gaming has always been in skirmishing style games (Necromunda, Mordheim, LotR SBG, LotOW, LotHS). The nice thing about skirmish games is that you do not need a ton of figures to play and I happen to have more than enough figures for this sort of gaming.

So here are the games I am thinking about focusing on this year.

Lord of the Rings SBG
Well this one is a no brainer, with Gathering in the Desert just around the corner, the next month will be focused on finishing up terrain and models. I have decided that I will be giving away an 600 point Easterling army to on of my friends son. He has taken an interest in gaming and he played in the practice LotR event and had a great time. So that means that I need to finish up painting the army, it is currently around 500 points and I have about 500 more points to paint up.

Legends of the Old West
As with DrunkenSamurai, I played a few games of LotOW at a friends house. It was a good time and really made me miss this game. So I think it is about time to bust out all the Old West terrain I have sitting in the closet and get to making a proper town. Also DrunkenSamurai has peeked my interest with the idea of doing the Wild Bunch idea based on the movie. So I think I will be joining DrunkenSamurai on this venture.

Warhammer 40Kmunda
Well, I have had this idea floating around my head for awhile now about playing smaller games of 40K. Last year I found a few guys doing ]I[munda stuff on the web and DrunkenSamurai and I found it very interesting. Well this year I would like to get back to playing smaller games of 40K and blending it with the Necromunda campaign stuff. I am talking about doing Kill teams, Kill Zone and 40K in 40 minutes (or Combat Patrol) stuff with 40K. Another friend is trying to talk me into running a 40K Combat/Kill Mission tourney and this may happen with a select set of people. I also started acquiring 40K Orks and would love to try out some old Gorka Morka stuff for this game.

Legends of the High Seas
Well, I have not had much interest in my own game of late, but after seeing the trailer to the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the pirate spark is back in me. Also with me working on my Wicked Wench ship model I see myself getting back into my own game. I think I will invite a few select folks over for a Campaign day at the end of February, so stay tuned for more on that.

Gothic Horror/ Pulp
For awhile now I have had an interest in doing something with the Horror/Pulp setting. I have even started collecting up stuff for a Pulp game in the desert with mummies. I hopefully will get something to the table this year. The owner of my local game store is also interested in this and has purchased a bunch of terrain that I may be painting up for him, this will feed the Pulp idea further, so we shall see. I also have another friend that purchased some stuff for Chaos in Carpathia and that may hit the table as well.

Other Gaming
I will also keep working on my 28mm WWII stuff as well as my Flames of War project and I am sure other games will creep in from time to time.

So there you go, Small is Big this year, it will be interesting to see how the year pans out so stay tuned...



David said...

Are you familiar with the World In Arms rules set? It takes 40K and feeds it through the Necromunda and Mordheim rules sets, and allows you to use any of your 40k models in a skirmish setting. I’ve got a copy available on my google documents if you’re interested.

John@Plastic Legions said...

Damn Tim, you and I are on the same page so often its downright scary!.
I was working on a post basically saying the same thing on my agenda for 2011!, I'll be emailing you soon to talk some LotHS

Mike G. said...

I am all for skirmish gaming. I do not have much interest in any other type of minis games right now. I am ready for Chaos in Carpathia, pirates, and kill teams!

Tim Eagling said...

Phew, for a moment I thought you were going to smaller scale, something that I just can't do. That's why I'll never be a FOW player.
You know me mate, Skirmish all the way these days. My F&IW project is coming very well. My Victorian Pulp game is expanding as ever (Note to self Finish those damn Wargames Illustrated articles)
And I am very pleased you are going to play some LOTHS again. Me I am about to sell ALL my 28mm pirates... I am going 40mm. Sash and Saber here I come:0)