Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sixguns Ablazing!

So yesterday I was invited to a friends house for some Legends of the Old West gaming for a sort of LotOW Campaign day. A few of the usual suspects (Rob B, Mike G, Tom O) were also invited out as well. There was a total of 8 of us playing various Posse's, I took an Outlaw gang called El Rojo Diablos.

My Desperado leader named William Blackhart who started out with a Heavy Pistol and a knife.

Next up are two Kids, on the left is TJ and on the right is Billy, both armed with Sixgun's and knives.

I also had 4 Toughs to start but ended up with 5 Toughs at the end. Starting on the right is Cisco with a Rifle, Bart, Red, Whittey and Slick were all armed with Sixgun's and knives.

I had one Rowdie which was Lawrence with a Shotgun and knife.

After my second game, I Hired a Mexican Bandido named Jose' and had him for my last two games.

We each got in 4 games against each other and we used the Posse with the highest Infamy rating to determine who would play who from round to round.

First game I played was Jailbreak against Rob E friend Mike. He was playing a Lawmen Posse. I was the attacker trying to rescue Billy from jail. Well I lost with everyone in the Posse having to test for injuries.

Second game was against Rob E playing his Cowboys in the Bar Room Brawl scenario. After my Rojo Diablos beat the Cowpokes to a bloody pulp I had a win.

Third game was against Mike G and his awesome looking Lawmen Posse playing another Jail Break scenario. This time I was able to at least get into the jail and look for the keys but ended up having to bail out and Head for the hills since the Lawmen were dropping my Posse like no ones business.

Last game was against Tom O's Desperado posse. We rolled up the High Noon scenario and set about shooting each other up! In the end I made him Head for the Hills and came out of the scenario as the winner. By the way, Tom's Posse and mine were the highest Infamy ratings and it was a battle for 1st & 2nd place.

Well after the battle Tom edged me out in Infamy with a rating of 111 to my 107! So even though I won, I still lost! But all in all it was a great day of gaming with some great guys.


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botwt said...

Nice little battle report...great to see people playing LotOW! :)