Friday, December 05, 2008

A Year in Review


I know that the year is not over yet, but I thought I would review just what I did this year, so here goes.The big thing in 2008 was Legends of the high Seas finally coming out from Warhammer Historical. After a lot of hard work the book landed in my hands on January 16th. It was fun & stressful all at the same time. So I started the year as an author of a Pirate book.

This year also more Pulp action on the table and the paint bench. I am along with a friend still looking for a good set of rules and we may use the Legends & Lord of the Rings rules to create our own, we will see, but 2009 will still have Pulp on the radar.

Speaking of Lord of the Rings, I also did alot of painting & playing of Lord of the Rings. I painted up 500 points of Easterlings, about 40 models. Then later on I painted up 350 points of Dwarfs which consisted of 31 models. Along with that I painted up a few Giant Spiders, a few Bats and a Spider Queen. I also painted up Sauron and about 5 Nazgul or ring wraiths. Also adding to this was a trade for paint of doing about 130 Uruk-Hai figures for a friend for the GT here in town.

To go along with the Lord of the Rings theme I organized with a friend of mine an Independent Grand Tournament called Gathering in the Desert. We had 15 local players and one player traveling all the way from Florida, and he just happened to be the 2007 Tournament Circuit winner! I also was able to play tons of games with some of my friends to get them ready for the GT. I was able to play in a primer event for the next Gathering in the Desert in February 2009, I placed about the middle of the pack.

Another highlight was the trip to Adepticon in Chicago to run a few Demo games of Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB), Legends of the High Seas and running of two WAB events. I will be going back to Adepticon in April 2009 to run the WAB events, a few Demos & a Legends of the High Seas multi player game. It was a blast and I met a ton of cool gamers and made some life time friends. I also attended GW's Games Days 2008 in Los Angeles as a Kommando running LotR Demo games, a fun but busy day!
I also did another paint for trade with another friend in painting 120 WW2 28mm Russians and 9 1/48 scale tanks. For myself I painted up about a dozen 28mm WW2 Germans, about 5 1/48 scale tanks. WW2 is an area that I am very interested in and I have been working with another friend to develop a set of WW2 rules using 40K & LotR together. This will be another area that I will be working on in 2009.

I have also been busy working on terrain for gaming, from painting up the 3 sets of GW "Creepy" trees and GWs new Hills, to building a Seeing Seat from the Fellowship of the Rings movie for LotR. I also constructed a 4'x4' board for a demo game of LotHS that can be used for Pulp games. I also constructed a Strip mall out of Masonite for a friend to match one I did about a year ago.

I know I have forgotten something, but these have been the highlights and I will be busy in 2009 with Gathering in the Desert, Adepticon, and a WW2 project based on Villers Bocage, so stay tuned!


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