Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LotR Indy GT weekend Pictures

Well here are a few shots from the Lord of the Rings Indy Grand Tournament that Dean & I ran on July 5th & 6th.
The Players in all their glory after two days of hard fighting!
Frank Brown - Overall Winner - Mordor Orcs
(and the guy who traveled the farthest, Tampa Florida)

Jerry Autieri -Best Sportsmen - Gondor

Howard Beam - Best Apperance - Elves

Anthony Pigati - Best General - Uruk-hai
Sean Ramires - 2nd Place General - Easterlings

Carl Matherly - 3rd Place General - Gondor

Here are a few shots from the games. The event was a huge success and the next one will be February 21st & 22nd.


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