Friday, April 25, 2008

Adepticon Lord of the Rings


This year at Adepticon they were running a Lord of the Rings team tournament, which I really wanted to play in, but duty called and I could not play. Although I get time to sneak away and take a few pictures during the event. Here are a few of the armies as well as their display boards, I tried to get everyone but was not able.
On Saturday & Sunday a few of the guys from Adeptus Windy City LotR group hosted a LotR Demo game, here are a few shots of the board, which was a Moria board as well as Balins Tomb.

Here is the Balin board and the Fellowship of the Ring.



Sean Ramirez (dvdhwk) said...

Very cool pics. Thanks for putting them up. I love the board of the fountain courtyard. I'm getting really stoked for our GT!

Jerry said...

There was some great scenery. Makes me want to learn how to do it too. Some of those display boards were pretty incredible. Thanks for posting the pics.