Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Black Cats & the Police

Well, As the title states I have a few things to write about tonight. First off would be these guys,

My wife happened to surprise me with an awesome Fathers day present of getting tickets to the Police show at the US Airways Arena on Monday June 18, 2007. She got the tickets from a guy in our church that was selling the tickets for just over $4.00 over face value. So we spent $97.00 or each ticket, which was allot better than some of the prices I saw on the Internet. So how good were the tickets, well we were in the second deck & could see the stage very clearly and we could tell there were people on stage, but thankfully they had three huge screens above the stage that showed close ups of Sting, Stewart & Andy.

So how was the concert you ask, well it was AWESOME!!!!!! It has been 25 years since the Police last performed and it sounded just like they never stopped. They played all there hits and the show lasted for about 2 and half hours! It was well worth waiting 20+ years to see them and I only hope they continue to make records together. I'm glad that I got the chance to see them play, it made my Fathers day great!

Another Fathers day present I got a week early was this cabinet for all my painted figures. I have been looking for something like this for years.

We found this at Ikea for a nice amount of $59.99. I added a light to it for an additional $9.99 and this now resides in the computer room while I wait for my "Game Room". Here are a few pictures of some of the figures in the cabinet. First shot is of my Pirates that I painted. I have a bunch more but was being picky as to which ones I have in there.

The next shot is a mix of Cowboys that I use for Legends of the Old West (One the Left) and on the right is my slowly growing Pulp figures that I have painted. You also see some o my Sisters of Battle in there since most of the army is over at a friends house right now.

Also today I received a box from across the pound from Black Cat bases Here is what was inside the box:

I have been in contact with Jo over at Black Cat for awhile now about getting some of there stuff in the LotHS book (which they will be). So as thanks they sent me a few figures. I was surprised that they sent me so many, I was only thinking I would get two or three, not 14 figures plus some of there bases as well. Upon looking at the figures they are a tad bigger than Foundry & Old Glory Figures, but as many folks have mentioned, it is not that noticeable. In fact I like varying sizes on my models, real people are all different sizes so why do all figures need to be the same?

The figures have very little flash (if any) and are nicely sculpted. They will all fit in nicely with my collection and I can't wait to get started on painting them. I would highly recommend them to folks and I can't wait to see what else they come out with. Also these figures will mix in well with Black Scorpions figures as well as GW's militia figures that I used for my own Pirate Crew. Go out and buy these, they are worth every penny.


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